SATURN marine inflatable fenders are designed to protect motorboats, yachts and sailboats from damage during mooring. 

Made of 1.5mm heavy-duty pvc

Best Fenders

Heavy-duty PVC fabric that is resistant to tear and abrasion.

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Premium quality inflatable fenders at affordable prices

Best Quality

Best in industry 2 Years warranty on seams and fabric. 

 SATURN inflatable fenders can be stowed almost anywhere - deflated and then rolled up. Inflatable fenders can be inflated in a matter of minutes, and deflated even faster. Standard vinyl fenders are not exactly inflatable fenders, but basically inflated fenders that can't be deflated for portable storage.

Very often heavy vinyl fenders are stored away from a vessel, simply because there is no room on the boat for and extra fenders. SATURN Inflatable Fenders are portable, foldable and really great in their ability to be stored in a small spaces, and quickly inflated whenever they needed.

Saturn offers Extra Heavy-Duty 1.5mm PVC fenders, which is almost twice of thickness of regular PVC. We use only high-quality Korean PVC fabric with polyester support with excellent resistance to tearing, tension and breaking. Our fenders made of 1.5mm PVC is much more heavy-duty then other more expensive fenders found on a market today.

  • Flat pushpin valve and 2 stainless steel D-rings glued at both ends.
  • Pump is optional, but valve adaptor that comes with set of fenders can be connected to hose of any hand, foot or electric pump.

30X18" WEIGHT: 5 lbs
45X18" WEIGHT: 7 lbs
60X18" WEIGHT: 10 lbs

30X18" WEIGHT: 5 lbs 45X18" WEIGHT: 7 lbs 60X18" WEIGHT: 10 lbs

Inflatable Fenders prices

Fender seams are covered by our 2 Years Warranty. However, D-Rings are not. They are constructed to support a reasonable weight of up to 100lbs. The fabric used on our D-Rings is composed 2 heavy duty layers of woven PVC and is very difficult to tear. A very strong force will need to be applied in order to cause damage to the fabric incased D-ring. As the tide recedes, the boat will lower placing its entire weight upon them, in effect tearing the D-Ring fabric - because they are not designed to withstand the weight of the boat itself. This would be considered excessive wear so we ask that you please note placement of the fenders alongside your boat keeping in consideration future tidal changes.

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